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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: the pontiff will allow catholic priests to forgive women who have had abortions. a huge change in policy for the
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church. withgonzalez is live details and reaction. it is what everyone is talking about in rockville, as far as parishioners getting ready to attend daily mass. it is about to start in a few minutes. francisfore pope arrives here, he is sending shockwaves throughout the world's oldest church. here at st. mary's, there are strong opinions about abortion. in front of the chapel, there is a memorial for the unborn. it was a gift for the church given to the church by the knights of columbus. talking about this. many traditionalists view abortion is such a great sin that it warrants automatic excommunication. until now, forgiveness had to come from a high ranking official in the church, such as
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a bishop. pope francis, a popular figure a half years,d will allow catholic priests to absolve women who seek forgiveness for having an abortion. >> i love the pope. he is asking people to come back to the church, including everyone. even if you made a decision in your life, he wants you to be part of the church. to include everyone and bring them back to the catholic religion. it is fantastic. pope understand some may disagree, but he has met so many women who felt the need to have an abortion because they felt they did not have an option. he writes the forgiveness of god cannot be denied to one who has repented. reporting live, john gonzales, abc 7 news. lots of you giving us
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your opinion. think -- i i do not do not know who he thinks he is, but the last time i checked, jesus is the only one to absolve sin. keep your thoughts coming this noon. facebookound off on and twitter. pope francis arrives in three weeks. participated in a virtual audience with americans around the country. it was put together by abc news. the event featured groups from chicago, los angeles, and even mcallen, texas. >> will you sing a song for me? ♪ jummy: you can watch the full event here. pope francis arrives september
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22 and his trip includes a meeting with president obama and a trip to philadelphia and new york. stay with abc 7 online and on air for coverage of the visit to america. developing news in the district. the latest shooting victim speaking out. she was shot in the leg on sunday while sitting on a front porch. jeannette reyes has this tory. jeanette: the latest victim of gun violence is speaking out after being shot two doors from her home. home fromst gotten the library in southwest sunday afternoon. a normal day for her turned into a nightmare. on the porch when a car came and started tissue. when aned to protect --
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car came and started to shoot. jeanette says she turned to protect her friend. she was hit twice in the leg. with one bullet lodged in her speaks words of a person well beyond her years. be caught.hem to gun violence is ridiculous. it can be anybody else's child. jeanette: this young girl, just days ago worried about homework, has fears no child should have. >> i do not think i will be returning to the library to do my homework. i feel unsafe. reporting in southwest, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. jummy: you can watch her interview on our website,
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this past month has been the deadliest august in the last five years. right now, d.c. police looking for a person of interest in connection with that murder outside shaw metro station. andre dudley is a person of interest in the murder of matthew. he was shot to death earlier this month. police do not believe he was the target. dudley is also wanted for burglary. he is considered armed and dangerous. if you have information, contact d.c. police. killed in theer on-air ambush is being laid to rest today. the funeral for adam ward is underway in roanoke. livewas shot and killed on television, along with alison parker. people lined up at the
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visitation. private funeral service for outs was held last night. firefighters trying to figure out what sparked a fire that damaged three townhomes in prince george's county. it happened in greenville. firefighters were able to put out the flames. no one was injured. aroundwas estimated at $150,000. >> get back. get back. this is video of a trash truck fire in gaithersburg. you can see the flames. this is at shadow glencore in gaithersburg. the video was shot by an off-duty firefighter. the firefighters were able to quickly put it out. and environmental
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protection were called in to clean it up. did you know, this tuesday, it is the first day of meteorological fall? doug hill is here. that was a hard one to get out. doug: the deal is with the weather. the weather does not pay attention to the calendar. partly to mostly sunny skies. a look from national harbor right now. it is gorgeous all around the area. bit on the toasty side now. temperatures are up. we have an alert for sensitive groups, code orange. asthman, elderly people, , very sensitive to poor air quality like we have today. limit outdoor time. a quick check of the numbers, 91 at washington reagan. humidity levels are starting to increase. it feels like 95 degrees in
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washington. 92 at washington-dulles. the heat and humidity combo, it will feel like 97 or 98. evening, keephis in mind, code orange air-quality alert. jummy: we are getting a closer look at the new batch of hillary from when sheils was secretary of state. the state department released those e-mails overnight. sam sweeney has new information. sam: 7000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails were released monday night. 125 pages contain sensitive information. appear any of the information jeopardizes national security. the e-mails range from tv shows clinton was interested in to e-mails to chelsea.
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chelsea wrote to her mother under the codename "diane reynolds." clinton asks in a reply to another e-mail if she should be flattered. it became clear at least one member of the state department's i.t. team did not know clinton used a private e-mail. several were read acted. personal cell phone numbers were blocked. in others, drafts of congressional testimony work kept private. publice testimony is record. the state department has released 13,000 pages in total. they will release e-mails each month. hillary clinton has not commented on the latest e-mail release. stateing at the u.s. department, sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: a poll shows a new threat
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to donald trump. dr. ben carson is tied with trump at 23% in the critical first voting state of iowa. the poll first time has shown trump not alone in the lead. trump, noticeably silent. carly fiorina with 10% of support. is time to check on your traffic. let's head over to jamie sullivan. is a slow go. 66, the heaviest stretch of traffic heading inbound. you areo focus on what seeing here, the volume. eastbound on 66. a couple of accidents. centervillerom
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through fairfax, a crash before nutley street. lane.blocking the red x you will see flashing lights pushing everyone over. point, another accident. it is a rough ride. the stretch from fairfax county parkway to the capital beltway will take you about 20 minutes. our commute inside, falls church, 66 is ok. the capital beltway, we are seeing mostly green. not bad through silver spring, getting close to bethesda. in virginia, not bad on the inner loop or outer loop. interchange,gfield close to the wilson bridge, we are quiet. on the top side of the beltway, we are up to speed. roadwork, a little bit in the local lanes. not causing a backup. back to you. coming up on abc 7 news
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at noon, defying the u.s. supreme court. a kentucky clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples again. the consequences she is facing. as our injuries to two students in the same game. cleaning up after a monsoon. the look at the damage left behind in phoenix. storms. expect some doug is back with the forecast after the break.
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jummy: new, disturbing video shows the fatal shooting of a man in san antonio, texas, by
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sheriff's county deputies. he was shot with his hands up outside of a home. the video shows deputies left him on the ground for three minutes before an ambulance arrived. on paidties are administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. a clerk in kentucky is refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples again. today, it could land her in jail. the u.s. supreme court declined to intervene yesterday. a federal judge can now hold her in contempt of court. she could face fines or even jail time. police and school officials in california investigating reports that drug use lead to brain --uries it in two student brain injuries in two student athletes. before hospitalized
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being released the next day. another is in the hospital in critical condition after undergoing emergency brain surgery. was not looking right. it looked like he was exhausted. jummy: officials arrested the r allegedlyent fo selling drugs to the classmates. larry hogan issued a statewide proclamation declaring september national blood cancer awareness month in maryland. september 15, his administration will host a blood drive at the statehouse in annapolis. hogan is battling non-hodgkin's lymphoma. some weather news now. folks are cleaning up after severe thunderstorms ripped through phoenix. the storms left behind flooded streets and a trail of downed
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trees and power lines. the storm halted all flights in and out of phoenix for more than an hour. fire officials received more than 400 emergency calls. tough situation they are dealing with. have monsoon season in the summer, but that severe storm is not that common there. jummy: is that a little heat wave? doug: yeah. we have had a lot of hot weather here in washington. lapse line ups -- a time in frederick county, maryland. fog on the ground. that burned off quickly. has evolved into a very nice day. hot and humid with a few fairweather clouds. temperatures rise. pollen count, moderate category.
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concerns about air quality, as we told you a few minutes ago. code origin effect today. 80 degrees in charlottesville. 88, hagerstown. 91 in the nation's capital. generally, mid-atlantic to south east tennessee valley, everybody in the eastern part of the country will get in on the warmer conditions. a high of 93 today. the humidity will make it feel like 97 or 98. the air-quality alert, code orange. there you have it. a hot day, indeed. here to the south and west of washington. over madison county, one loan shower. -- one lone shower. of all see a possibility
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shower or thundershower along the mountains tomorrow. with high pressure off the coast, i do not think much of this will come in east towards the metro area. an isolated shower possible. thursday should be dry. friday, another chance of showers and thunderstorms, coming in from the north. it might lead to a gorgeous labor day weekend. out. it the next seven days, starting with today, 93, hot and humid. tomorrow, up in the 90's. from the west, a low end chance of some of those getting across interstate 81. friday, upper 80's. a cold front approaching. scattered showers and thunderstorms are a possibility. jummy: we will get that last cool day in. shipping change
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coming to amazon prime. ans, and app help --
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jummy: amazon prime scaling back a popular part. free two-day shipping used to be for members items who played -- who paid $99 a year for service. the program will only apply to sellers who shipped directly to customers. aven is on your side with health matter support now. the federal trade commission taking action against the
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marketers of medical apps making deceptive claims. to company settled a lawsuit without admitting wrongdoing and agreed not to make deceptive claims in the future. trust should not diagnosis of cancer to something like an app that does not have data to back it up. jummy: the ftc will monitor medical apps on the market. if you have a mole that you are uncertain about, have your skin year --at least once of at least once a year. doug is back with how
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jummy: it is september, but it is still hot. doug: it is still summery. 93 today, 92 tomorrow. maybe an isolated shower tomorrow. late on friday. into the weekend, it will clear out locally with sunshine and temperatures in the 80's. the beaches look great. you cannot beat it. it is good for labor day. jummy: looking forward to it
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